Simon Andersson


Simon Andersson, musician/songwriter born 1980 in Sweden. Plays guitar, bass and produces music at Grudge Studios.
Plays guitar in a brand new band (untitled at the moment) featuring Dec Burke (ex Frost*), Richard West (Threshold) and Andy Edwards (ex Robert Plant).
Plays bass in Darkwater, featuring Henrik Båth, Markus Sigfridsson, Magnus Holmberg and Tobias Enbert.
Previously a member of Time Machine (2011-2012), Shallow Sense (2009-2010), Pain of Salvation (2007-2009) and Outshine (2005-2006). Been doing gigs/tours and/or recordings with Johan Randén, Mats/Morgan, Bosson, Britney Spears, Jan Johansen, Sara Löfgren, Mikael Rickfors and a whole bunch of others.

Source : accessed 8th May 2013


2010: Darkwater - Where Stories End (CD)
2010: Shallow Sense - Only When It's Dark (Single)
2009: Pain of Salvation - OST - The Second Death of Pain of Salvation (CD)
2009: Pain of Salvation - Ending Themes (On the Two Deaths of Pain of Salvation) (DVD)
2008: Urbandux - The Aftermath (CD)
2008: Urbandux - Another Brick in the Wall (Single)
2007: Bosson - Future's Gone Tomorrow, Life Is Here Today (CD)
2007: Outshine - Bad Things Always End Bad... (CD)
2006: Bosson - You - Soft Version (Single)
2006: Outshine - Bad Things Always End Bad... (Single)
2006: Outshine - Memories (EP)
2005: Heartband - Poppärlor 2005 (CD)
2005: Johan Randén - Version 2.0 (CD)
2003: Thumbrick - New Channel (EP)
2003: Christian Alsing - Spasms for Two (CD)

Source: accessed 8th May 2013