Pete Briquette

 (b. Patrick Cusack, 2 July 1954, Ireland)
Pete Briquette is The Boomtown Rats bass player. Pete Briquette is the stage name of Patrick Cusack.
Pat Cusack sounded "too Irish" so he changed his name to make it even more Irish sounding.
His pseudonym refers to the fact that he hails from the Irish countryside; peat briquettes are a type of refined turf burned in fires instead of coal.
Pete Briquette now works as a record producer and composer and counts Tricky as one of his credits. More recently Pete was responsible for the music that accompanied the BBC TV series Geldof In Africa.
Pete also plays in Bob Geldof's backing band, and has produced some of his records including Sex, Age & Death Sex, and The Happy Club albums.
Pete and The Boomtown Rats keyboard player Johnnie Fingers are cousins. Their Mums are sisters.

Source: accessed 11th April 2013