Kianna Alarid


 Kianna Alarid (born June 5, 1978) is the lead singer and bass guitarist for the band Tilly and the Wall from Omaha, Nebraska. She was formerly in a band called Magic Kiss with members of Park Ave. and The Faint, and before that, a hardcore band called Project 356.[1]
Before joining Tilly and the Wall full time, Kianna worked at Village Toymaker in Omaha.[1] She also worked as a florist until Bottoms of Barrels was released.[2]
She performed vocals on the song, "The Absence of God" from More Adventurous with Rilo Kiley.
Kianna co-wrote and sings on Tiësto's song "You Are My Diamond"[3][4] on his album Kaleidoscope released on October 6, 2009.
Kianna also sings on She & Him's most recent song, "In the Sun" with fellow Tilly member, Neely Jenkins.
In 2012, Kianna married Rory Cameron and gave birth to their daughter, Orian Ray ("Ori").

Source: accessed 9th April 2013