Alec Baillie

Alec Baillie is an American bassist currently residing in Sacramento, California. Alec grew up in Manhattan and attended the same high school as future band mate Scott "Stza" Sturgeon. In the early nineties, Baillie, Dunia Best, Jay Nugent and Ara Babajian formed the third wave ska band, Agent 99. In 1998, three years after the band had split up, a compilation album, Little Pieces 1993-1995, was released. Baillie then formed a short lived punk band called No Commercial Value with Stza. Baillie later joined Stza's band Choking Victim after the departure of original bassist Sascha Scatter, and went on to play in Choking Victim from 1995-1997.

Upon the dissolution of Choking Victim, Baillie went on to join a familiar lineup in Leftöver Crack. Its members include Stza and Ezra, both playing with Baillie in the now defunct Choking Victim.

Source: accessed 17th July 2013